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Easy Go Farm and Recovery Stories

Farm for recuperation

Our eldest son, born in 1970, developed schizophrenia at the age of 20, and was subsequently hospitalized ten times during the 11 years. 

Back then, some psychiatrists were saying publicly that mental patients would not be cured if they were hospitalized three times or more.
“What nonsense!” In the old days, many diseases were incurable, and doctors made every effort to make them curable by even injecting unapproved vaccines into themselves and their wives and children! The indiscreet remark of “incurable” is virtually the same as judges sentencing the patients to life, and it essentially means that the doctors have abandoned their mission. In addition, those psychiatrists would tell their patients to accept the illness, without giving enough consideration to their feelings. But how would they make an excuse for young people who had committed suicide by losing hope after listening to these words from them?

Having been confronted with this reality, the three of us—my eldest son, my wife and I—decided to move to a remote village on the west coast of Izu Peninsula in January 2000 for my son’s recuperation, and began tangerine farming for the first time in our life. The grand view of Mt. Fuji over Suruga Bay is truly spectacular, and we thought it was just too good to keep it to ourselves. So, we began offering opportunities to visit our farm to our fellow patients and their families who are also fighting metal illness. Our farm is privately run and small, but the view from the farm is simply second to none. We named our farm Mental Health Recovery—Easy Go Farm, wishing that visitors would be able to relax and enjoy themselves there.

Collection of recovery stories

Our fellow visitors have shared with us a variety of stories of their struggle with the illness, which made us realize that the power of love is amazing and miraculous. We then decided to put together their stories into a booklet series under the theme of “Recovery through the power of love,” and have been distributing the series to our fellow patients.
Love (especially unconditional love) has immense power in the recovery and stories contained in the booklet series coherently testify to this fact.

Free booklet written in plain English

Easy to get and easy to read

The so-called masterpieces and great stories on mental health are countless around the world. However, such books are usually difficult to read and unaffordable for persons with mental illness, and for them access to bookstores is also limited. To overcome these hurdles, this booklet has been written in plain English and is freely delivered.

Leading psychiatrists and mental activists have all contributed their articles for free. We especially thank them, as their generosity has enabled us to distribute this booklet at no charge, and also to make it freely downloadable from our website at http://www.ezgofarm.com. The Japanese version is also available on our Japanese website at http://www.rakurakunouen.com.

Please refer to the Epilogue at the end for the purpose of this booklet.

Here is our June 2019 Issue. Download it for FREE and enjoy!

Mike Shinjiro Go

Farm Owner
Chartered Psychiatric Social Worker

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